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Diversity In The WorkPalce

In this article I am covering my experience about Diversity in the WorkPlace. I worked in Shanghai (China), Paris(France), Seoul (South Korea), HongKong, Seattle(USA), New Delhi (Gurgaon) for 15+ Years. During my stay in China, Korea, France , USA I interacted with local people. I learned Chinese Language in China, Korean Language in Korea and English Language in USA. Yes, I learned , English Language is USA. Because what English we speak in India that is different in USA, because in India we use different keywords (e.g. Delhi, Bombay), but USA’s English uses different keywords (e.g. Seattle,San Jose).

Let’s talk about the concept of Diversity, then What is Diversity, then Diversity in the WorkPlace and so on.
How I define the concept of Diversity or Diversity in the WorkPlace?

Diversity in WorkPlace - Japanese,Korea,ChineseRecently you might have heard a term Diversity Recruiting ?, Earlier you have heard this word in USA,Europe,Japan but now its in South Korea,China,India and almost everywhere.Also did you notice the CDR tagline with various recruiters especially if they are from Google, Microsoft or Amazon ?. CDR is a Certified Diversity Recruiter.

The Concept Or an Abstract Idea of Diversity about those Diversified international people, those are working together in a single office for a business e.g. Samsung Electronics (USA), Microsoft (USA), Amazon (USA),Google (USA), Apple (USA),Facebook (USA).

It’s like people of several villages from the same state comes to the Metropolitan City of that state and work together for a business, and those business products are sold in every village of that State.

It’s like people of several cities from the different state comes to the Metropolitan City or the capital of that country and work together for a business, and those business products are sold in every City of that Country.

It’s like people of several different countries from the different part of world comes to  any Metropolitan or non-Metropolitan City or the capital of that country and work together for a business, and those buisness products are sold on different part of world.

What is Diversity in the WorkPlace ?

Diversity in WorkPlace - Japanese,Korea,ChineseExample Microsoft Redmond USA full of diversified people

You name the country and people are there in Microsoft. In Microsoft Its fairly common to see people ask each other so from which country you are in ? e.g. (China or Korea or Japan | India or Pakistan or BanglaDesh | Bulgaria or France | Russia or Finland )
At Microsoft or Samsung South Korea, You may see people are talking each other by comparing their belief on religion, cultures, practices they followed during childhood, language differences, thought process, the way they studied, famous food, cooking styles, different country problems, health issues, political issues, famous places,Historical things  ?

This is all the concept of Diversity.

During such talk people get the real answer from real native people. Even people have read several articles about Mexican Food, but when they talk about Mexican Food with their Mexican teammate, then they really understand the concept of Mexican food e.g. I ate many times from Chipotle (Mexican Food Chain), and one day one of my Mexican friend told me the meaning of chipotle and that was “Spices e.g. A smoked hot chili paper”. Such information gave me a different perspective to look Chipotle Restaurant.

What is Diversity

What is DiversityDefinition of Diversity depends on the context we are talking to ?, Here we are talking about the Diversity in WorkPlace.Diversity to make you Global, Diversity to make your thought process global, Diversity to make your professionalism Global, Diversity to make your business Global.

Diversity means a heterogeneous set of people who are entirely from different nations e.g. India, China, Korea, USA, Bulgaria, Russia(entirely different in cultures,geography, education from different universities, different work environments).

Benefits of diversity in workplace

Benefits of DiversityLess predictability on the conflicts: People feel fresh when they are diversified. Other than work, people have lot to talk and share. They have entirely different topic to know each other. Those topics and discussion are memorable as those provides a great set of learning. People talks differently e.g. If an Indian talking with Korean, he won’t have any prejudice for Korean Person. Both would like to impress each other, Both would like to be focused on communication. If any Indian talking with American then almost 0% prejudice.

Companies are Global, Users are Global, Hence Work team is Global : Global Teams and DiversityPeople buying the products from America but made in China, Buying in China but Designed in America. iPhone used by 200+ Countries hence people in Apple, Cupertino are from 200+ countries. Teams are Global,Our working for Global, and our products are global.
A Travelling Salesman Problem at HiringLibraryDotcomEmployees are traveling to different countries : A simple Concept, when you would like to buy something from local, you always try to review that product by talking with you Neighbor with some of your obvious doubts. Once your doubts are clarified then you feel fresh and motivated to buy the product from local. Similar way Employees are traveling to different country, they make friends who are from different country. They would like to talk with the person to get the  insight view of a different country.Its like a personal touch feeling for a human being.
… and many more.
Importance of diversity in workplace

Different Types of OSSuch type of diversified employee eco-system creates synergy, productivity and fresh work environment around business. One day korean guys talking about their ‘Thanks Giving Day’ and then next Days Indian guys are talking about their festival ‘Diwali’. Each day naturally fresh with different people, different belief. This built on strong concepts of the human system and thought process. People realizes the truth rather media. It create a transparent world.
Diversity in the workplace statistics

Here are stats published by the big international companies about Diversity in their company.

Diversity in the workplace statistics at Microsoft 

Microsoft-Diversity in the workplace statistics

Refer : https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/diversity/inside-microsoft/default.aspx

Diversity in the workplace statistics at Google

Google-Diversity in the workplace statistics

Refer : http://www.google.com/diversity/

Diversity in the workplace statistics at Amazon

Amazon-Diversity in the workplace statistics

Refer : http://www.amazon.com/b?node=10080092011

Diversity in the workplace statistics at Apple

Apple-4-Diversity in the workplace statistics Apple-3-Diversity in the workplace statistics Apple-2-Diversity in the workplace statistics Apple-1-Diversity in the workplace statistics

Refer : http://www.apple.com/diversity/

Diversity in the workplace statistics at Facebook

Facebook-Diversity in the workplace statistics

Refer : http://newsroom.fb.com/news/2015/06/driving-diversity-at-facebook/

Cultural diversity in the workplace

Cultural Diversity at the WorkPlaceCultural Diversity is something where people are with different beliefs, thought process, they are grown up with different rituals, people educated in different environment though books may be same.

Example : ‘Thanks Giving Day’ in South Korea, ‘New Year Festival’ in China, ‘Diwali’ in India, ‘Christmas’ in USA

Google1-Diversity in the workplace statistics

Refer http://www.google.com/diversity/at-google.html

Refer How do tech’s biggest companies compare on diversity?
Diversity and Inclusion best practices

Quick Sort Sorting Algorithms HiringLibraryIt all depends for country to country , company to company, division to division. Here is one of the sample practice made by Samsung Electronics, South Korea. Expats in Samsung, South Korea are given very warm welcome and easy way for Inclusion.

See below news flyers and relevant news shared with all non-koran people on every week.

Seoul Global Center Diversity in South Korea


Diversity and Inclusion best practices Diversity and Inclusion best practices Diversity and Inclusion best practices

How to manage a diverse workforce

How to Manage Diverse WorkforceIt all depends on the definition of manage, Who is actually managing the workforce ?, If you are not yourself as a diverse manager, that means have you ever lived in a different country. Different Country also depends e.g. (English(UK) to English(USA) vs (India(Hindi) to China (Chinese)) vs (India(Hindi) to Korea (Seoul)).

Managing a Diverse workforce or diversity hiring depends on various parameters e.g. From which country you are in, from where the workforces are, All workforces from another different country or countries, These workforce will stay longer to your country or for a short time ?, How your country govt. supports to different workforce ?, How Your country people respect to different country people. Are you a developed economy or weak economy. You hired weaker economy people and weaker skilled people ?, You hired high-end skilled people from weaker economy country or strong economy country ?. Are you a modern open-minded people ?. Is it multinational company? or a Local company hiring expat workforce?

If you able to find the reasonable answer from the above then definitely you will have a clear idea for ‘How to manage a diverse workforce’
Diversity In The Workplace Training

Diversity and Inclusion Best PracticesBelow are the Two helpful resources would provide a some idea for what type of training your organization may need about Diversity.

“Written by two UK-based consultants who specialize in diversity issues, this book provides guidelines for dealing with prejudice and stereotyping in the workplace.”


Diversity and Inclusion in the VA Workforce
Diversity Hiring

LinkedIn a Great Tool on Diversity HiringLinkedin is a great tool to hire diversified people. For recruiters and companies, it’s easy to see skilled people from anywhere. Also It’s easy for candidates to find the job opportunity just from your browser.

LinkedIn Tool to Hire Diversity

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