Define Responsibilities In Your Current Job



Responsibility in your current job



In every job, You would be equipped with set of responsibilities and that would be directly or indirectly aligned with your offered skill set . Interviewer would like to dig more on those and would like to evaluate your day to day activities.




A Professional defined his responsibility like this: A Professional

Responsible for investigating poorly performing web based applications to increase their throughput and migrating them into high performance infrastructure and application servers.

Responsible for conceptualizing design methodologies and tool sets, and conducting tests.

Responsible to involve from planning to implementation including user (client) acceptance testing for each product.

Responsible to Handle all kind of support/requirements/bugs request from APAC customers, especially for the ongoing/proposed product projects/development e.g.; series of Application Processor, by becoming the interface from Application engineers/Field Application engineers /Sales Team /Business Development Team/ Marketing Team spread all over the ASIA.

Responsible to setup the processes for first-line and second-line customer support;

Responsible to work with Sales team to identify the services that xyz could provide along with the product.

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Since last 15 years in different geographical locations, Sumit prepared hiring format for several hiring managers/teams to hire the balanced talents and interviewed talents on the various stages of their selection process. He also interviewed by hundreds of companies in different geographical locations.His best conclusion for hiring teams and candidate is to prepare in advance. Here ‘advance’ means keep your interview book ready and continue to update it even you are not going to interview candidates or applying for any job in next six months.