How Do You Measure Your Professional Success?


How do you measure your success

It was a continuous discussion between an interviewer and interviewee on a face to face interview. In between that discussion:

Example at Hiring LibraryInterviewer to interviewee “How do you measure your professional success?”




Career Summary from a Professional for HiringLibrarInterviewee clarified his question – “Are you talking about my professional success ?, professional success in terms of what , means I got any award or I promoted recently or how I contributed within the team or I written any patent or Technically I invented something”



Example at Hiring LibraryInterviewer reDefined his question and said – ” In general, How you verify that your performance is good within the team ?, Or how you satisfy yourself that whatever you are doing that is professionally skilled ? Or how you evaluate that you are professionally successful within the team ?”



Career Summary from a Professional for HiringLibrarInterviewee answered something like this :

I measure my professional success by self-evaluation and feedback from related teams for performing the work related tasks that involved my functional and technical skills as mentioned above. That self-evaluation always brings several areas for improvement and success to some extent.

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