How to Test a Soda Machine?

Test a Soda Machine
Test a Soda Machine

Rationale: Its very common for a interviewer to put some open-ended questions and observe the interviewee’s thought process.

Sample answer from a professional point of view

Test a Soda Machine, It’s just a word, It doesn’t provide full information for testing,some of my ideas related to this open ended question e.g.


  • In terms of a feature; Test the tap function while serving the soda, Measure the iciness of soda, measure the size of a soda container while filling and then measure the size of soda while getting from tap


  • In terms of part; iciness module, cooling engine, soda tapped functions, tank functions.


  • Test the coolness of soda machine on certain weather condition,
  • Test the freshness of soda while serving to customer on different-2 conditions,
  • Test the taste of soda by preserving soda n number of days on different temperature,
  • Test the soda machine on certain simulated environment


  • Test while manufacturing the soda machine, e.g. test the solidness of a cabinet, test the leakage of the tank.
  • Test on time to time on different-2 phases of manufacturing of soda machine
  • Test the usability of machine
  • Test the machine after assembly

If you please let me know some specific/exact information about soda machine then the above approach can be made specific.


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