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Testimonials from Hiring Managers/Interviewers/Employers 

“I interviewed hundreds of candidates,and took several rounds of interviews without preparing it. Most of the time I used to ask same repeated questions and never really given any thoughts on it. Recently when I got next level of promotions  and got more responsibility in hiring, hen I found, How important is to hire right candidates based on the hiring needs, and How much more important to ask the well researched Q/A to get the exact insight of a candidate. Its really helped to myself as a Interviewer” Testimonials By A Software Development Manager with 15+ Years of Experience in web domain

“I never thought that as an interviewer I also need to prepare to provide a good impression of company and my professionalism to the interviewing candidate. I always felt that its candidate who need to prepare for interview, and its up to me to decide anything to ask from candidate. It’s really reminded me to be well prepared” Testimonials By A Hiring Manager from a Software Product Company Manager with 9+ Years of Experience 

Testimonials from Candidates

“Thanks for the HiringLibrary.com you shared, it’s very informative and very well organized. Sure it will help me as i am preparing to join back to work after a gap of 2 yrs.” Testimonials By a Software professional with 2+ years of experience in software industry ( Java Programmer)


“First half is very good for beginner and middle level professional like me. In the second half I found it become very specific for professional software engineers even I skipped some pages specially which explains code and issues related answers.  I think the one who works in the similar field can get it completely.  The HiringLibrary.com fulfils your purpose to guide the software professionals for their job interviews, if possible try to put some more material for beginners it depends on your objective of writing the book.” Testimonials By a Software professional with 5+ years of experience in software industry(Device Drivers, Embedded Programming)

“When I first received it, I had quickly glanced through your HiringLibrary.com as I could not get time during my transition. But yesterday I read it in detail and could cover around 35-40% of it. This is definitely a very valuable resource for someone who’s sincerely preparing for job. If the person has got some work experience, your HiringLibrary.com provides excellent guidance to articulate his/her experience and profile. Your HiringLibrary.com is a very realistic read…while reading I myself could co-relate so many of my experiences with what you have described in your HiringLibrary.com. Your writing style is also very interesting and keeps one engaged. Keep it up buddy! You’re doing the real kind & great work by spreading the light…sharing your experiences for the betterment of others.” Testimonials By a Software professional with 10+ years of experience in software industry (Network Security)

“Today i got chance to go through the HiringLibrary.com ( Haven’t finished it yet), it is a “Masterpiece” that is what i can say. I took printout of the several articles of HiringLibrary.com and started reading, it came to me like the most needed question-answers set which we never prepare before interview or simply ignore it, but those questions has a big impact on interview. Some of the questions were from frequently asked one, but the way you explained the alternate answers is amazing. It actually gives us pointers to frame our answers for interviews, also helps us in understanding the intention / mind set of interviewer. Author have caught it well. All i can say …The most needed and less cared segment of technical interviews can now easily be prepared using this book.

It’s really a great effort & hard work done in compiling questions, and on top of that giving alternate answers to those questions.” Testimonials By a Software professional with 8+ years of experience in software industry (VOIP,Telecom,Datacom)

“The HiringLibrary.com was sufficient for me to prepare for the interview I was preparing for. Thanks for writing it.” Testimonials By a final year B.Tech Student from a top Indian engineering college

“Its very good to prepare general question such as why you want to change etc.,On Algorithm side, I couldn’t find it very deep. May be this could be good if someone is just starting, overall good work.”Testimonials By a software professional with 4+ years of experience and working for a branded company in United States

“I would say that your idea of bringing such HiringLibrary.com was really great and you did a fantastic job pal.” Testimonials By  software professional with 4+ years of experience

“The HiringLibrary.com is really good.. but i thought it was better if u had provided more examples in the technical questions. like some good questions asked in some famous companies or so.. the HiringLibrary.com has very useful info.. feels happy to read the book.” By a final year B.Tech Student from a top Indian engineering college

“Well this HiringLibrary.com helped me a lot to improve myself as I am organizing training sessions for freshers and experienced guys for.” Testimonials By  software professional with 4+ years of experience, and currently serving as a IT head for his own start-up in India.

“I have gone through the open ended questions and they were very helpful. I am a fresher, so the so some of the articles are more for experienced persons, rather than me.  Overall,the HiringLibrary.com is very good.” Testimonials By a final year B.Tech Student from a top Indian engineering college

“Thanks for your great effort in helping people to get best job.

HiringLibrary.com gives a structured way for interview preparation and focuses on every possible areas.” Testimonials By a final year B.Tech Student from a top Indian engineering college

“Thank you for allowing me to review HiringLibrary.com. There is a shortage of information of this type in one place. I volunteer with a job seekers group and many of them would appreciate a HiringLibrary.com of this type. It is a great topic, and obviously well researched.

I’ve only had time to skim through it, although I hope to sit down and read it in detail soon. The information seems very solid; however, I have been very pleased with the HiringLibrary.com.” Testimonials By a Business operation manager from United States