What Are The Key Challenges You Have In That Job ?


Key Challenges in your past or current job at HiringLibrary

Interviewer read your resume, and now talking with you face to face. To have a discussion warm up with you, He asked about the key challenges you have in your current or any past job.


Possibly he would have following questions to understand the key challenges you managed in your past or current job. 


It would be great if you can ask specific questions from Interviewer to understand the definition of key challenges from his perspective or tell in advance your definition of key challenges.

Would he like to understand the key challenges which are technical in nature? Or key challenges while working in a big team? So better to clarify all your doubts before presenting your answer to interviewer.


Example at Hiring Library

A professional worked in a team of 70 people.This team was divided in four groups (15 people each : one manager +10 senior engineer + 4  engineer) and senior management team(10 people). He was one of the senior engineer in one group. His project was highly technical in nature, that project started from scratch.

He answered following key challenges to interviewer while working in his software development project :

Before answering his question he clarified his doubts from the interviewer e.g. operational challenges or software development challenges or working in a team challenges or technical challenges. Challenges which he faced or faced by the team or the complete group?


Managerial challenges

  • Explanation of various complex technical issues to senior leaders if something doesn’t work
  • Tight deadlines, traveling of engineers, their visas etc. took longer than expected
  • Certain setup require approval from the senior management e.g. open internet connection for certain test setup, travel requirement, buying items to setup the test-bed
  • Various project requirements changed, and that information need to propagate immediately to overseas engineering teams.

Technical challenges

  • Decision to use which technology and why e.g. XMPP Signaling vs SIP Signaling
  • Re-Verification of the delivered items e.g. every time to reDefine a process to test
  • Situations when something working on other overseas site but not in other site

and then discussion continues …

Interviewer picked up a specific topic from the given answer by interviewee, and asked the following questions :

So tell me according to you – “How you decided the chosen technology” ? , “How you explained xyz issue to senior management?” , “How you managed to work in a big team”, “How your team controlled by senior management ?”, “senior management controlled the cost and progress or technically managed the project”

and then discussion continues for 60 minutes. Both asked questions to each other and made healthy discussion.


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