What Are Your Strengths ?


My Professional Strengths at HiringLibraryStrengths accelerates the individuals’ productivity and professional experiences. Such qualities include attitude, skills, personality type, self-development, etc.

The interviewer wants to listen to the interviewee’s positive qualities as strength based on his or her self-evaluation.

Your strengths could be anything e.g. you are the best in cooking or you can drink up to 10 beers but yes but and then but. Your strengths should be align with the applied job type or the way you present your professional profile.

Here are couple of examples to prepare some thoughts for your strengths (but you need to ask yourself what are my strengths?).

Career Summary from a Professional for HiringLibrar


My strength lies in my networking skills; I keep a pleasant attitude with people and always try to respect people on every situation. Try to keep in touch with people as and when required such as casual eye-touch, hellos, listens from people during lunch/dinner and attends seminar, product’s exhibitions, etc.

Getting various types of work done require good relationships with people, such as I might need to decide which technology to use on a situation and need to have expert’s comments


My strength lies in software development. Since last five years I have been working in C++. I have in-depth experience related to C++. I can code any business requirement in C++ by using expert level OOP concepts and Design Patterns.


My strength lies in iphone application  development.Since last three years I have been working on the development of an iPhone app and practically experienced all iMAC Internals.

How did you find your first job?Example 

My strength lies in the functional area of my expertise. That means how actually I do work, following are the traits of my functional area of expertise:

DETAILED ORIENTED To inquire, organize, and explore each and every detail related to work items e.g. end users requirement to the bandwidth available with developers

EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION Stakeholders for the ongoing work items, must know requisite information before they feel that need to

STORYTELLING SPECS Specification which start from storytelling, valuable use cases, appropriate drawings and how technology will make it available for its end users with overall technical flow.

CONNECTING PEOPLE Bring all related people to one platform

END USERS FOCUS On every work items focus towards the end users, who that will be effected

CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT Re-visit big picture to small picture and patch the improvement item wherever and whenever It’s appropriate.

AUTOMATION OF REPETITIVE TASKS If certain information required more frequently then better to set a web page for that.

THOROUGH HANDS ON To be the first one to have thorough hands on, to estimate the sense of quality, completeness and effect towards the end-users

Example at Hiring Library

Overall your strengths would be unique ,different and actual insight of yours.

would you have thought,recognized and analyzed in yourself ?

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Since last 15 years in different geographical locations, Sumit prepared hiring format for several hiring managers/teams to hire the balanced talents and interviewed talents on the various stages of their selection process. He also interviewed by hundreds of companies in different geographical locations.His best conclusion for hiring teams and candidate is to prepare in advance. Here ‘advance’ means keep your interview book ready and continue to update it even you are not going to interview candidates or applying for any job in next six months.