What Are Your Weaknesses


What are your Weaknesses HiringLibrary

For Weaknesses, a professional may refer to some situation based on his or her personality type or work style or something lacking in a specific skill or something else which didn’t work well.

It all depends,what exactly are your weaknesses and have you recognized your weaknesses or not ? e.g. You may weak in communication or you may weak in leadership or you may weak in documentation or you may weak in convincing or you may weak in organizing or you may weak in time management or something else.

Weaknesses are something which you have identified clearly and improving those identified Weaknesses it to next level of improvement.

Interviewer wants to know whether there is anything which may affect to your performance or How you think which specific weaknesses you have identified in yourself. Yes they might want to know the examples for “how you learned your weaknesses”, and  look for what are  you doing to solve it.

Example at Hiring LibraryExample

I have many Weaknesses, but many of them have a defined way to solve the problem.

But On one of my Weaknesses:

I might not be able to make good relationships where people keep high attitude and proud ness such as people not providing the right answer, pretending to be busy, not available for help on urgent cases promptly. Such types of situations affect my work, and until now I don’t have a better solution to manage such people.


I still lacks with my active thought process skills, and I am working on it to improve it, But still I haven’t defined any exact solution for it. Below is one of the example of such situation :

Sometimes I receive little or almost no information about work, and the work provider is reluctant to provide detailed information and shows total unwillingness when asked to get some details. Such situations affect my work, and I try to get such details from other sources. I try to build good relationship with people and do almost everything to manage such situations, but still its my weakness.


I observed that my communication skills especially to represent my ideas or viewes on some complex technical situation aren’t up to the mark, means I am not very satisfied by myself.

I am working on X,Y,Z things to make it better, so that I can be adjusted well to this professional world.