What Is Your Specific Role ?


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To have a healthy discussion with Interviewee, Interviewer picked up the entry question. This entry question would provide various threads to following questions and that will make a healthy discussion in between interviewer and Interviewee.



After a Hi, Hello in between the Interviewer and Interviewee, Interviewer asked to Interviewee – “What is your specific role?”

How did you find your first job?Interviewee asked the clarifying questions to understand the meaning of ‘specific role’ from Interviewer perspective e.g. specific roles means my day to day activities or what I have done last six months or How I define my exact specific role within my team because ‘senior engineer’ is a very abstract term ? Or How my specific role technically contributed to ongoing project ?


Career Summary from a Professional for HiringLibrarInterviewer said “Hmmm, means just explain me what you do? Or Just what you do by only yourself e.g. “What you receive as input and what you provided as output ?”,”How you are important in a team?”, “If you are not in your team then what ?”




How did you find your first job?Interviewer answered the following :

My specific role included, Interacting with part leaders, principal engineers to get the raw tasks e.g. from the project’s roadmap. It usually comes as a new concept, which supposed to transform into a tangible work items.

Work used to be assigned as:

  • “Design and Implementation of N/W Performance monitoring Tool between Relay Servers”
  • “CCeN (cloud computing enabling network) client application capable to perform verities of functions similar to skype, msn etc with distinguished capabilities e.g. Virtual Private network with Virtual IP, Connection Multiplexing while multiple connections, TCP Roaming while on move”

Analysis everything related to the work item, transform it to a requisite specifications.

Also my ‘specific role’ to define (not limited to) project requirements, human resources, project duration, project type, major development items, applicable process/ regulations, major milestones, major deliverables, test labs, acceptable criteria, demo of those application, continuous monitoring discussions as and when it would be applicable.

Career Summary from a Professional for HiringLibrarInterviewer picked up following questions from the Interviewee’s first answer and discussion continued…