Why HiringLibrary.com


Why Hiring LibraryWhen candidates apply for jobs or are directly approached by a company /recruiter /hiring manager, the desired end result is to receive a call for a job interview.

  • This could be a telephone/written/face-to-face interview, or based on any type of communication, but all interviewers are generally looking for ideal candidates, and interviewees are looking for an ideal job.

Both are in a process of evaluating the other, e.g. candidates are in a process to identify a good job, and employers are in a process to select the best candidate for their job.

It is common for a candidate to be concerned about the interview, even if experienced. In order to prepare candidates might try to refer to several sources of information, including interview question/answers.

However, most of the times finding the answers to standard interview questions doesn’t really help because each interview is different. From employer side e.g. job title, responsibility, department, project type, technology type, skills type, years of experience, mindset of interviewer/interviewers. From candidate side e.g. the way CV (resume) was presented, the way the candidate carried the technical/non-technical discussion.

Employers and candidates have an equal stake in the employment process. Employers look for the best candidate in terms of several productivity related parameters, while the candidate is looking for the best of his career-related parameters.

It has been observed that referring to several random sources doesn’t provide an organized approach to prepare for job interviews.

It has been also observed that in many situations the candidate is very good on his technical knowledge and several other skill related parameters, but he lacks expressing the answers the way he should be.

[++The very important thing in a job interview is the communication, how the views towards the questions asked by the interviewer are expressed e.g. the approach to solve the coding problem, providing strategic answers for common questions, how to frame to the point or strategic technical answers, a creative way to present your career profile (in a form of CV),how you carry forward a technical discussion and many other communication related parameters.]

HiringLibrary.com has been organized with a philosophy to provide a clear and clean guidance to the readers. This HiringLibrary.com provides enough examples, guidance and clear steps so the candidates can organize themselves for the job interview. It provides detailed and professional answers of various frequently asked interview questions, so that it can improve the reader’s communication skills.

HiringLibrary.com explains a systematic approach to answering the technical/coding/skills/past experience related questions and once that approach will be taken into account then throughout the career journey it is not needed to prepare it again.

This HiringLibrary.com also helps (not limited to):

  • Hiring managers/recruiters/interviewers to organize a systematic and effective job interview.
  • Recruitment/placement/consultant companies to screen/interview the candidates based on the requirement.

*Lecturers/training and placement officers/professors/career counsellors for their career guidance lectures to their students.
HiringLibrary.com’s intention is to make a *reader able to  tackle the interview with interesting and strong communication.

*reader – employer/candidate/ hiring manager/recruiters/interviewers/ recruitment/placement/consultant/ lecturer/training and placement officer/professors/career counsellors