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Employers apply a specific criteria to shortlist candidate for an open position and call that candidate for a job interview. Interviewer to the candidate ‘Why I should hire you’. In India most of the time this question asked by the HR managers/executives, but in USA such question usually asked by the hiring manager, any way it could be asked by any serious interviewer. 

The interviewer wants to understand the candidate’s confidence related to this job opportunity or Other way Interviewer would like to see candidate’s self-evaluation for the job-fitment.

A candidate can answer case by case if he or she should have done his research and understood clearly the advertised job requirements and also have confidence on his capabilities.

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How Maggie’s Answered the Interviewer’s Question – ‘Why I should hire you ?’


This job demands a professional software-development engineer in test areas. As I have mentioned on my profile, I wrote requisite test tools for mobile client applications to perform automated functional/non-functional /stress /performance /reliability /regression testing for Apple-Mac platform.

I can write very efficient test cases, automation and do well in all test engineering areas, If requirement, test environment, timeline, project phase, my role, resources, dependency, customer, end user (different age group, or different profession), targeted industry, interoperability, conformance product specification, requirement use cases(not limited to) clear to me.

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How Rick’s Answered the Interviewer’s Question – ‘Why I should hire you ?’




I totally understand, that this job require A, B, C skills and definitely it would be good for an organization that a new joinee can ramp up with the work as fast as possible. But If I evaluate this job’s requirement and my capabilities, then I would like to say that:

– Have seriously studied the most needed subjects of the computer science, have very good hands-on in C++ programming and operating system APIs (especially sockets, events, threads).

– Understand the concept of a project, it’s development stages, it’s complexities, designs and various other work related parameters.

– Have developed project A with my college team that demonstrates the proof of my A, B, C capabilities.

So I can confidently say that I am a perfect fit for this job.

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Since last 15 years in different geographical locations, Sumit prepared hiring format for several hiring managers/teams to hire the balanced talents and interviewed talents on the various stages of their selection process. He also interviewed by hundreds of companies in different geographical locations.His best conclusion for hiring teams and candidate is to prepare in advance. Here ‘advance’ means keep your interview book ready and continue to update it even you are not going to interview candidates or applying for any job in next six months.