Your Accomplishments In Your Past Experience ?

Please Tell Me Your Accomplishments You Have Done In Your Past Experience ?


Accomplishments in Your Past Exeprience

Interviewer and Interviewee both just started the discussion. Before asking something too relevant for the job applied, Interviewer would like to understand the development pattern of the candidate. Interviewer would like to understand the definition of accomplishment for this candidate. Interviewer would like to understand whether candidate have focused more on his professionalism to introduced some well rounded samples.




Example at Hiring Library

A Professional described below accomplishments 

Wrote Patent: System and method for creating well-connected device groups for distributed devices with heterogeneous Protocols.

Transformed business erp application to transform traditional web based solutions to cloud based.

Developed a low latency, highly scalable large scale distributed business enterprise application using Oracle Coherence and weblogic application server;

Developed a real-time, automated research distribution process, called Straight Through Process(STP), using Core Java, Multithreading, XML and JavaEE framework;

Prestigious award given on completion of few SIP related features delivered in very short time and worked as a individual contributor in that project. Also contributed in Innovative ideas on different CM products.

Publication  Rate monotonic schedulability tests using period-dependent conditions

Publication Symbolic quality control for multimedia applications

Publication  Improved multiprocessor global schedulability analysis

Publication  FireFly: a cross-layer platform for real-time embedded wireless networks

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